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Isle of Man Taekwondo Association

The Isle of Man Taekwondo Association is the Member National Association for the Isle of Man of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). WTF Taekwondo is an IOC recognised Olympic Sport having first been a demonstration sport in Seoul in 1988. The sport was a massive success in London 2012, where Welsh athlete Jade Jones obtaining GB's first Olympic gold medal in the martial art.

In 2011 Taekwondo was included as a Commonwealth Games sport and one of IOMTKD's goals is to prepare Manx athletes for the sports inclusion in future games. Over 50 million practice taekwondo worldwide and there are a number of clubs on the island whose students are licensed by IOMTKD.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and WTF taekwondo includes a full contact sport where players fight in weight categories. Electronic scoring systems are used and players win on points by scoring with kicks and punches. One point is given for a punch or kick to the chest protector, two points for a spinning kick to the chest protector, three for a head shot and four for a spinning head shot.

The Isle of Man as an associate member of the WTF can compete in its own name up to and including the World Championships, with those with British nationality entitled to represent GB in the Olympics. The Island has entered teams in various internationals including three technical World Championships. Taekwondo includes self defence and other martial art training in addition to Olympic sparring.

IOMTKD currently licenses students at Manx Tigers Taekwondo and Cheegyrs, the Manx Tigers Cubs Douglas, West TKD Peel and Southern Manx Tigers Arbory.




Isle of Man Taekwondo Association, 07624 432152, iomtkd@iomtkd.org