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Isle of Man

The Isle of Man lies in the middle of the Irish Sea, between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It is self-governing Crown Dependency, which is not part of the United Kingdom. It has its own parliament called Tynwald and has its own laws, traditions, culture and postage stamps.

It even has its own bank notes and coins and £1 notes are still in use. The Island has a thriving offshore finance sector and since it entered the film industry in 1995, has quickly built up a worldwide reputation for producing feature film and television dramas.

Some facts 

The Island has a population of just over 80,000, is 33 miles long, 13 miles wide and covers an area of 227 square miles. Over 40% of the Island is uninhabited, which gives way to some fantastic scenery and with beautiful glens, miles of unspoiled beaches and medieval castles.   
Our beautiful Island

The Island is known for its outstanding beauty and relaxed way of life and has held on to some of its traditional ways of travel.  What better way to travel than on the Isle of Man Steam Railway, Manx Electric Railway, Snaefell Mountain Railway and Douglas horse trams. There are countless opportunities for sea angling, golf, watersports, hill walking, mountain biking and many other outdoor activities.  There are some excellent museums and heritage centres and some fantastic hotels, pubs and restaurants serving delicious Manx food and drink.


The Island is proud of its sporting heritage and is probably best know for the famous Isle of Man TT races, but over the years it has built up a reputation for its sporting successes on the world stage and, for such a small population, has an impressive medal record on the international scene. The sporting facilities all around the Island are excellent, and the relatively quiet roads are ideal for cycling and running. In recent years the Island has produced some world class sporting men and women.

Our Flag

The Three Legs of Man is the Island's symbol, and the motto is 'Quocunque Jeceris Stabit', 'Whichever way you throw me I stand'.

IOM Flag