Countdown to Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Catherine Reid

Athlete Profile: Catherine Reid

Age: 18

Home town / Village: Port Erin, Isle of Man.

Occupation: A-Levels Student – Castle Rushen High School

Sport: Athletics

Sports club: Manx Harriers

Commonwealth Games Achievements:

Samoa 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games

400m - Women

Samoa 2015

Catherine Reid, born in Derby, England, moved over to the Isle of Man when around six months old. Catherine and her older brother, Joe, were both very enthusiastic athletes growing up. With an interest in sports days and cross country events during primary school years, Catherine began attending ‘track league’ sessions on a Wednesday evening. Despite an interest in various other sports, Catherine acknowledged her potential within athletics. This potential from a young age developed onto Island, England and Great Britain representation at UK and International athletics championships and representing Team Isle of Man at the Samoa Commonwealth Youth Games, September 2015. Catherine has recently won the Isle of Man Bank ‘Sportswoman of the year’ award following her bronze medal success at the World Youth Athletics Championships, and has been awarded with a place in the Isle of Man Sport ‘Hall of Fame’.

How does it feel to represent Team Isle of Man at the Commonwealth Games? 

My experiences at the Samoa 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games were incredible! There was a real family based and friendly atmosphere to the Games. Similar to the Island Games, however on a far greater scale. The Commonwealth Games offers an opportunity to experience many beautiful countries and new cultures which I thoroughly enjoyed during my first Games experience!

What has been your favourite sporting moment whilst being involved with CGA IOM?

It would have to be seeing Mathew Rennie win the Silver medal at Samoa Commonwealth Youth Games. Prior to the event I hadn’t met Mathew, however we became great friends throughout the event and I learnt a lot about Boxing and now really appreciate the sport. The amount of dedication and preparation required and knowing how much he wanted to win, it was a great moment to see this and we are all really proud of him.

Have you got any funny stories to share with us during your time at the Games? 

Samoa offered many enjoyable and funny stories, and was a great experience on the whole! To reflect upon one, we met an athlete from Zambia who challenged Mathew Rennie to a diving competition in the hotel pool. However, as the Zambian athlete began to executive his dive he stopped and said to us that he couldn’t swim! Therefore, we had to teach him how to swim first! This was amongst many other funny moments, but it is very good to have team mates at the games who gelled really well and supported one another throughout.

What has been your ultimate achievement in sport to date?

Winning a Bronze Medal for Great Britain in the 400m U18’s IAAF World Youth Final, Columbia 2015. However, also winning Isle of Man ‘sportswoman of the year’ award for 2015 was a very proud achievement of mine, and was shocked to win the award after not winning the U21 sportswomen of the year!

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success? 

In order to perform my best I commit to a disciplined training schedule, comprising of 5 sessions a week, 3 track and 2 gym sessions. This commitment is really demanding and have to sacrifice a lot of down time with my friends, family in addition to managing my schoolwork! A clean and well managed diet is key as well!

What has been the most significant challenge you have faced in your preparation leading up to a sporting event? How did you overcome this?

In the lead up to the Samoa Youth Games I was suffering from a knee injury which proved to be a challenge in my preparation for the games! Despite regular training I received physio sessions to assist with recovery, however during the games I still required treatment and this ultimately cost me missing out on the 400m athletics finals which was a great shame for me! Since Samoa I have still suffered from my injury, and left me feeling a little behind during the winter season. However, I am now feeling recovered and positive, ready to perform and achieve new PB’s!

What would be your advice for a young aspiring athlete aiming to represent CGA IOM?

I would recommend to upcoming athletes to ensure that you really commit yourself to your sport and are willing to sacrifice other interests to provide yourself with the best possible platform to succeed. Training and diet cannot be overlooked, the minor details count just as much! 

Where do you see yourself in the future? What aims do you have?

I am aged 18 now, and consider myself to have a long future ahead within athletics. However, focusing on the near future I aim to compete for Team Isle of Man at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, and hopefully reach the final. I have many UK and International athletics championships coming up within 2017, therefore I have to focus on performing well to ensure I secure a place at Gold Coast 2018!

With regard to my academic studies, to ensure that I have a plan for future employment if athletics doesn’t work out how I anticipate, I have an exciting option ready to embark on. I have decided to head out to America to take up the offer I received from the University of Georgia (UGA). They offered me a full scholarship earlier on in the year, and I have now decided to become a UGA Dawg! I’m very excited to head out to the States and get started with my new coaches, training group and training regime. My visit to UGA was awesome and I really had a good feel about the place. After much consideration, I thought this would be the best path to take in order to reach the goals I have in mind.