Countdown to Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Kingston 1966

With the British Empire formally ended, the Kingston Games became the VIII British Commonwealth Games.

There was a worry among the larger nations that Jamaica's infrastructure would not enable a successful Games delivery, this proved to be largely unfounded.

Controversially, the event programme was altered for the first time since 1950 with lawn bowls and rowing dropped and replaced with badminton and shooting instead.

In the Kingston Games, 34 nations, including Aden and Saudi Arabia, competed, sending a total of 1,316 athletes and officials. The nine sports featured in the Kingston Games were: athletics, badminton, boxing, cycling, fencing, shooting, swimming and diving, weightlifting and wrestling.

The Isle of Man participated in four of these and entered a team of 12 competitors.

Athletics - 20 mile Road Walk: H. Gawne, P. Bannan and A. Johnson
Aquatics - S.L. Cooil
Cycling - Peter Buckley (Road Race), N. J. H. Dean, J. N. Corkill and E. Potter
Shooting - P. Quilliam, G. E. Corlett (Small Bore), D. McTaggart and K. Kinrade
General Team Manager - J. Curwen Clague 
Assistant Team Manager - Ron E. Killey
Team Commandant - Rev F. M. Cubbon