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Isle of Man 2011

A decision was taken by the Commonwealth Games Federation at their General Assembly in 2005 to move the Youth Games outside of the Olympic Games year and in doing so awarded the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games to the Isle of Man.

The team who represented the Isle of Man in all seven sports at the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games in the Isle of Man were:


Athletics: Andrea de Bruin (Discus) and Reagan Dee (High Jump)

Badminton: Ben Li, Cameron Avery, Mathew Nicholson, Kayleigh Callow and Laura Beggs 

Boxing: Eddie Rennie (64kg, light welterweight)

Cycling: Alexander Haddock, Jonathan Cregeen, Thomas Mazzone and Warwick Sanderson

Gymnastics: Anand Patel, Brandon Garrett, Emily Dale-Beeton, Kaitlin Kneen and Rebecca Johnson

Rugby 7s: Andrew Evans, Ben Kelly, Daniel Bonwick, James Olerenshaw, Jordan Hogan, Mark Oldfield, Nathan Pierce, Phil Cringle, Liam Murphy (Rugby 7s Team Captain), Conor Stephens, Duncan MacGregor and Alex Sharpe

Swimming: Backstroke 50/100/200m - Grant Halsall (IOM Team Captain), Freestyle 100/200m - Tom Bielich, Breastroke 50/100/200m - Laura Kinley and Freestyle 200/400/800m, IM 400m, Butterfly 200m and Backstroke 200m - Charlotte Atkinson


Athletics: Hannah Riley, Assistant Tom Riley

Badminton: Peter Short

Boxing: John Cain, Assistant Peter Roberts

Cycling: Gary Mazzone, Assistant Gary Hinds

Gymnastics: John Mudge, Male Coach Gennady Tsyganov and Female Coach Jayne Evett

Rugby 7s: Mike Dee, Coach Ian Williams and Sport Physio Sophie Robinson

Swimming: Leonie Cooil, Coach Sacha Djerfi


President: Juliet Holt

Secretary General: Tonia Lushington

Team Leader/General Team Manager: Trevor Taubman

Assistant General Team Manager: Margaret Kelly

Team Physiotherapist: Cath Davis

Team IOM Office: Danni Mottram

N.B. All competitors in the Commonwealth Youth Games will be a minimum of 14 and maximum of 18 in the year of competition (i.e, their 18th birthday is during the calendar year in which the Games is held) and a maximum number of 1000 competitors are invited to participate from every Commonwealth Games Association.

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