Countdown to Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games


Isle of Man Badminton Association (“IOMBA”) Qualifying Standards for Badminton Players. Revised January 2016

 Commonwealth Games 2018 – Gold Coast

(“Gold Coast 2018”)

Standards to be attained during the period

1 October 2015 – 30 November 2017

(the “Qualifying Period”)

The IOMBA will consider any IOM player who achieves a Route A Standard, or a Route B Standard (each as defined below) during the Qualifying Period for selection for Gold Coast 2018.


Route A - Performance Qualification

  1. To reach a quarter final or better of a Badminton England Gold event in singles, level doubles or mixed doubles during the Qualifying Period.

To reach the final in a Badminton England Silver event in singles, level doubles or mixed doubles during the Qualifying Period.


Attaining any one of the standards set out above constitutes a “Route A Standard”.



Route B – Ranking Qualification


  1. Achieve any one of the following Badminton England National Rankings (a “Route B Standard”);-

Singles             Level Doubles               Mixed Doubles

            Men                   40                                   55                                             55

            Women              20                                   30                                             30

(A player must achieve any one of the above rankings on at least 2 occasions during the Qualifying Period; at least one such occasion must occur within the period 1 September 2016 – 31 May 2017 (inclusive).

All athletes (regardless of sport) must attain an individual qualification before they could be considered for a mixed/level doubles event or any other team event. Route B – ranking qualification should therefore apply to the singles ranking


At all times selection to represent the Isle of Man in badminton at Gold Coast 2018 is at the discretion of the IOMBA and the CGA IOM. The abovementioned standards are provided only for the purposes of identifying suitable individuals for consideration for Gold Coast 2018; attaining any one or any combination of the above standards will not, at any time, guarantee selection for Gold Coast 2018.