Countdown to Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games



Qualifying standards


Standards required for Isle of Man Boxers to qualify for selection to the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

Qualification is open to all Isle of Man born senior Boxers [senior age category 18 to 40 years old].

Senior Boxers registered with an IOM boxing club but not born in the Island and holding commonwealth citizenship must have resided in the Isle of Man for five years prior to final selection for the games.

None commonwealth citizens registered to an IOM Boxing club must have resided in the Isle of Man continuously for five years prior to selection, and hold a British passport.

Boxers born in the Isle of Man but not residing on the Island at the time of qualification must be registered with an amateur boxing association that is recognised by IABA, the world governing body for amateur boxing.

All boxers must satisfy the CGAIOM qualification criteria as stated in article [86]  of the CGAIOM articles of Association and the CGF criteria as stated in there constitution article [24].   

Standard Criteria

Boxers must achieve one or all of the following standard criteria.

[1] Competed in the ABAE National Senior Elite Championships and reached the quarterfinal stages during the qualification period. Boxers not resident in the Isle of Man or England should have competed in the National Senior Elite championships of the country of residence and reached the equivalent stage.

[2] Boxed internationally for England in a competitive contest recognized by the world governing body IABA, during the qualification period.

[3] Be listed in the top ten of the national governing bodies official senior rankings during qualification period, during the qualification period.

The above standards are to be achieved from 1st October 2015 to 30th November 2017.

Boxers that achieve the standard are to be put forward to the Isle of Man boxing committee, the committee will decide on boxer/s to be put forward to the selection process.

There will be only one boxer at each weight category put forward to selection, if in the case there are two boxers that have reached the standards at the same weight category and are from the same boxing club the committee will decide witch boxer will be put forward for selection.

When the two boxers are from different clubs they will box-off at an independent ABAE tournament at the earliest available opportunity, and the winner will be put forward for selection.

Reaching the standards does not automatically qualify a boxer for the Games, the final selection will be made by the CGA IOM.   

ABAE approval  

The Isle of Man boxing clubs are affiliated to the ABAE and operate under the rules and regulations of the ABAE.

All decisions to allow an IOM boxer to compete in the Commonwealth games must have ABAE approval.

Consideration for selection

All Boxers wishing to be considered for selection must agree to and fully cooperate with the terms and conditions of the support program put in place by IOM Boxing and IOMCGA in conjunction with the IOM Sports Institute.

Failure to fully cooperate with the support program could affect the Boxer’s consideration for selection.