Countdown to Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games


Isle of Man Amateur Gymnastics Association


The following Gymnastics Consideration Criteria have been agreed by the Commonwealth Games Association of the Isle of Man (CGAIOM) for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. 

Men’s Consideration Scores:                                                 

Achieve a score of at least 74 across 6 apparatus or

Achieve an average score of 12.5 across 4 pieces or

Achieve an average score of 13.5 across 2 pieces or

Achieve a score above 14.0 on one piece           

Women’s Consideration Scores:

Achieve a score of at least 48 across 4 apparatus   or

Achieve an average score of 12 across 3 pieces or

Achieve an average score of 13 across 2 pieces or

Achieve a score above 14.0 on one piece.

A score of 37 or above is required across 3 pieces of apparatus if Vault is included. 


The Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) Code of points is always subject to change after each Olympic Games Competition and will therefore be subject to this review after the 2016 games in Rio.  It is typical to see the points for specific elements to be downgraded and hence the difficulty level increase.  This increase in difficulty may affect the gymnasts in achieving the scores set above.   CGAIOM have agreed that adjustment to the consideration scores (above) will, if necessary, be agreed after the updated FIG Code of Points is published.  Updated Consideration Scores will be notified as soon as they are confirmed.  The new code of points will be used at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

These scores are to be achieved at least one On-Island and one Off-Island at full FIG level competitions, or at least two Off-Island scores.  Only scores achieved at events designated as acceptable by IOMAGA and under the terms and conditions outlined by IOMAGA will be considered.  It is hoped that in the latter stages of the process, all members of the preparation squad will compete at the same competitions.

Eligibility to compete (residence ancestry, birth date and location, etc.) is defined by the Commonwealth Games Association.

Gymnasts will be required to submit a monthly portfolio detailing competition, training activity, and details of any injuries to the Secretary of the IOMAGA and to the Secretary of the IOM Commonwealth Games Association.  Coaches will also be required to send a regular report of their gymnasts activity to the Secretary of the IOMAGA. In the case of Gymnasts who are training Off-Island, regular monthly reports will be required from the relevant Off-Island Coaches as well as their On-Island Coaches 

It is likely that the size of the preparation squad will decrease over the period leading up to the formal selection process, which is currently scheduled for December 2017.

Selection Process 

No gymnast will be considered for selection unless they have achieved the Consideration Criteria detailed above by the deadline date specified. 

The CGAIOM formally select the team and they will require IOMAGA to place our gymnasts in rank order prior to their final decision.

The factors that the IOMAGA will take into account when ranking gymnasts will include, but may not be limited to:

  • Current form
  • Attitude and commitment to training
  • Progression (particularly relating to ‘D’ scores)
  • Injury status





The ranked list of eligible gymnasts will be submitted to the Commonwealth Games Association of the Isle of Man who will select the final team.  There is no guarantee that gaining Consideration Criteria will lead to inclusion in the Isle of Man Team.