About us

The Commonwealth Games Association of the Isle of Man (CGA) is a charity which gives Team Isle of Man the opportunity to compete at the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games.

Our Mission

The Commonwealth Games is the highest level at which many Manx sportsmen and sportswomen represent the Isle of Man. Our support has also provided a springboard to success for competitors in other sports, in particular cycling, both internationally and worldwide. 

Team Isle of Man have participated in the Games since 1958, bringing home 12 medals in total (3 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze).

In 2011, the Isle of Man hosted the 4th annual Commonwealth Youth Games where 1,300 athletes aged 14-18 from 71 countries took part. 

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of donors and commercial partnerships to help fund our mission, as well as travel and publicity expenses. Working closely with all our participating local sporting bodies we provide each team member with the best opportunity to grow and develop, and so help them give their best performance at the Games. From selecting the top coaches and officials to designing the latest kit, we have a duty to empower our representing athletes and inspire the Manx youth sport. 

Our relationship with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has helped us to promote a healthy set of core values within the Island's sporting community. Through this union, we have maintained strong connections with our athletes and officials. By working to incorporate CGF values and aims into our own activities, we ensure equality and diversity is recognised and respected within Team Isle of Man. 

With the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022, we are committed to delivering the top care for Team Isle of Man. We strive to lead, guide and support the Isle of Man's sportsmen and women, helping them to achieve sporting excellence at the Games and make our Island proud.