First Ever Carbon-Neutral Commonwealth Games

18.03.2021 by IOM CGA

15 March 2021: With 500 days to go until the start of Birmingham 2022 plans have been unveiled to deliver the first ever carbon-neutral Commonwealth Games. A crucial part of this commitment is the forming of the new partnership with Severn Trent. Severn Trent will be responsible for delivering a series of initiatives that help offset the carbon generated by Commonwealth Games and hopes to leave a positive social and environmental legacy of sustainability in the West Midlands.

Two of the standout initiatives that Severn Trent will be delivering on behalf of Birmingham 2022 include the creation of 2022 acres of forest, as well as 72 tennis-court-sized mini forests, to be built in urban areas across the West Midlands. Each mini forest will be linked to one of the nations and territories competing at the Commonwealth Games in 2022. The 2022 acres of forest, intended to be based in the West Midlands, will feature native species, and will not only help local people reconnect with nature, but will also help offset the carbon generated by the Games.

Improving the natural environment has a positive impact on natural water sources, which is why alongside already pledging to be a net zero carbon organisation by 2030, Severn Trent has committed to planting 1.3 million new trees and enhancing 5,000 hectares of biodiversity as part of its existing Great Big Nature Boost initiative.